The Sunday Nature Call, uke 32

The Sunday Nature Call, uke 32

[Publishers note, The Sunday Nature Call will be a weekly effort to relate the author’s observations, insights, and musings. The following submission is the first of the series. “Uke” means “week,” 32 refers to the week of the calendar year as is the Norwegian custom.]

This will be my Big Year. My domestic log already noted some cherished entries, roving over Norway should really plump up my list. And I’m off to a great start.

The following are new birds for me listed in the order of confirmation:

  1. Kai (Corvus monedula)
  2. Skjære (Pica pica)
  3. Svarttrost (Turdus merula)
  4. Tårnsvale (Apus apus)
  5. Linerle (Motacilla alba)
  6. Kjøttmeis (Parus major)
  7. Ringdue (Columba palumbus)
  8. Blåmeis (Parus caeruleus)
  9. Hettemåke (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
  10. Bergand (Aytha marila)
  11. Toppand (Aytha fuligula)
  12. Grågås (Anser anser)
  13. Svartbak (Larus marinus)

The Sjære are the most charismatic residents of the neighborhood. You know they are clever birds. I have a nagging feeling there are merely tolerating people.


Aside from the birds, it’s been a joy to see all the bumblebees. I have a feeling there is little use of American-style pesticides here on an industrial scale like in Iowa. So far I’ve noticed two types of bumblebees, one with a yellow color distal to the abdomen and another with red. The flowers here are a mystery to me and I’ll leave it at that – only so many biological obsessions are allowed! Let’s just say there are many different kinds, the blooms are rich, and they make me smile.

The smell of this place has eluded adequate description. In the air there’s a little Midwest lushness, Colorado pine and rock, and I know the fjord must be making a contribution. This issue too will necessitate further research and contemplation.

Where are all the squirrels? Any rabbits are also mysteries to me. My initial suspicion is to blame a rich population of domesticated pussy cats. The judge will require more evidence.

Looking ahead, looking up, and keeping my pencil sharp. -jlh

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  1. love the bird picture – looking forward to seeing more . . . and enjoying your sharing of your “Big Year” bird pictures!


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