The Sunday Nature Call, uke 39

The Sunday Nature Call, uke 39

To Hell with the cranes!

Yes, I said it. I know you may be shocked but somethings a man, a birder, must say thre truth, as shocking as it may be. Like Dick Cheney, I will not appologize.

Oh, not that Hell, the other one. You know, the one in Norway, the nice one. The Hell with friendly folks and certainly not hot. Seriously, have you been to Hell, Norway? They don’t even need air-conditioning there, instead, bring a sweater (wool if you’re serious).

Lesson # 41 about Norway, have no expectations so you can’t be disappointed. I didn’t expect to see any new birds during my week in T (Trondheim for the uninitiated). Frankly, that is a good place to start. I expected to see nothing, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I witnessed two new birds. For those of you who are birders, you know how exciting that is. For those of you who aren’t, some day you will understand. I record my new gets in a paper journal and an electronice spreadsheet, lest one or the other fail. A new bird is far more than a notch on some belt but rather a deeper communion with nature and the great biological forces to which we all yield.

The airport express bus was taking me from T to TRD at Værnes. Reliable highway E6 was uncrowded and the skies were partly cloudy. Passage through several tunnels makes for a dynamic trip.

Exiting a tunnel near Vikhammer I spied a group of long-legged and long-necked gray birds gleening a recently chopped grain field. I didn’t want to believe it at first, and then I didn’t want to create a scene on the bus with frantic gesticulating. Heroically I channeld my best impression of Ola Nordmann being excited and quietly made a note on my phone’s tablet. Less than ten mintues later we passed through Hell, Norway and then arrived at TRD.

New birds:

Ærfulg (Somateria mollissima)

Trane (Grus grus)

Trane (Vik, Rolf, 1969. Fuglene i Farger. H. Aschehoug & Co. Oslo. p. 111)

Trane (Vik, Rolf, 1969. Fuglene i Farger. H. Aschehoug & Co. Oslo. p. 111)

Yes, that’s all you get.

Looking ahead, looking up, and keeping my pencil sharp. -jlh

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