Sunday Nature Call, uke 48: Go Outside

Sunday Nature Call, uke 48: Go Outside


I have a feeling that my neighbors’ generosity as bird feeders will also benefit me this winter. I took photos of a Thrushes, I had seen them before the but the light was so good they warranted more exposure. Analyzing the stills I noticed a new bird hidden amongst the Thrushes. Yeah! And then I accidentally deleted the photos in my unnecessary zeal to clear off the camera’s memory. Boo! Still managed one confirmed new feathered friend.

New birds: 1

Dompap (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)



Go OutsideIMG_6257


Go outside, I am. So this is all you get for the Sunday Nature Call. I could either write or hike. Hiking wins.

Looking ahead, looking up, and keeping my pencil sharp. -jlh

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