Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

A small poem and a some photos from my time at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony at City Hall, Oslo, 12 December 2015. The longer write-up is done but on hold.


In the Name of Peace

Alfred’s birthday had a strong breeze

From Norskies én camera, no need to please

Dissidents, heros, mothers and more

2015, from Tunisia these four

To love thy neighbor is not too much to ask, please



Early, no crowd yet.



A little entrance music from the Army Staff Band






The Central Hall



Four chairs recently occupied by the Royal Family



US Diplomatic car, outside a coffee shop after the ceremony. NOBODY drives big black suburbans here expect you-know-who.


2 responses

  1. What an incredible experience!! How many of your friends or family been able to experience that?


    1. I’m guessing none, but you can watch it on TV 😉 You cannot smell it on TV, I did get to do that. I just wish my pictures were more and better


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