Roving in Review: 2015

Roving in Review: 2015


The 2015 segment of my Roving Scholar experience is in the books. I have written plenty of words about my time teaching in Norway thus far, so here are some numbers.

In 2015, this Roving Scholar:
-presented at 1 academic conference
-traveled to 13 of the 19 regions of Norway
-visited 25 different Norwegian high schools to present workshops for students and teachers
-spent 51 days teaching at Norwegian high schools
-conducted 104 workshops
-reached 2732 people


Implicit in my title is travel, and boy did I ever. For a certifiable “homebody” in Iowa this has been a sea-change for me. According to my trusty spreadsheet my travels have totaled:
-5,542 kilometers in the air
-2,243 kilometers by local and regional bus
-2008 kilometers on trains
-976 kilometers by foot
-471 kilometers with city-rail
-and 5 hours on ferries

I do not have a car in Norway. All my transportation is done on Mass Transit. I have become quite fond of Mass Transit, in Norway it actually works.

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  1. What an adventure you have been on. Can’t believe all the schools you have had the opportunity to be at.


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