The Sunday Nature Call, Uke 1: Hello Snow

The Sunday Nature Call, Uke 1: Hello Snow

2016, game on! Sorry for the late post. My excuse, the need for extended contemplation. 😉

New birds:

Zero (Vulgaris incognito)

Hello Snow

2016 is here, enjoy. The denizens of the Oslo Fjord area are finally breathing easier, because many are breathing harder. Oh, not breathing harder because of air pollution or carrying the extra weight from extended holiday merrymaking, but because so many are finally able to hit the local trails and get in some k’s.

My number one son is fond of telling me that Norwegians invented skiing and, “They’re born with skis on!” I’m glad he believes that, he and number two son start cross-country ski lessons after school on Thursdays. The technique of number one is, well, ah, how should I say it…”unique.” I no longer have the cache to give suggestions let alone lessons. Hopefully the authentic experts from Norway will have better luck.

imageOn Saturday we boarded the bus, with skis, to hit the trails. We were not alone. Our bus was well represented by skiers as was the parking lot at trails end. Near Skansebakken I was treated to a sight of wonder, hundreds of little kids in ski school. The various groups were spread amongst a rare piece of level ground and making the most of their birthright and weather.


If you have cold and snow, then you should ski. What a great way to commune with your fellow human (or kid) and nature. Norwegians seem to have a determination to commune with nature that is unmatched in America. The reasons why could fill a book. Many of the reasons I would cite would surprise you.

imageAt any rate, at a young age, children here are outside, “Everybody does it.” The positive feedback loop of exposure and opportunity (Allemannsrett) is enviable. The Sunday Nature Call aims to inspire, but does it? Writing about the authentic world of life out-of-doors makes me appreciate more my time with the heavens above my head. I hope it does for you. Go. And if your climate allows, say, “Hello snow.”

Looking up, looking ahead, and keeping my pencil sharp.


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  1. Okay, I’m inspired. It’s time to break out my snowshoes. Although, unlike the Norwegians, I will wait until the temperature is at least 20 degrees. You mention exposure and opportunity – the key word there, as I see it, is exposure. I know, I’m kind of soft…


    1. you english teachers are clevel at finding mutltiple meanings. PS, wear a hat


  2. Hi, John,

    I have only begun reading your blog, starting with the most recent, and I’m so impressed with your writing and observations of Norway and its culture.

    I’m your uncle Gary’s cousin, living out in California. You might know that Terry Romstad (CCd here) has been working on our family heritage. My sisters and I met Gary and Terry in Strum last March to help collect information. Recently, Gary,Terry, and I were having a conference call when your name came up, with all your Norwegian pursuits.

    I look forward to reading more about your stay in Norway, and I hope you broadcast a Periscope soon. I’m a big Periscope fan.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll share your blog with my branch of the family tree.

    Best wishes for keeping the magic alive in 2016,


    Nancy 310 488 2328


    1. Thank you for the note. I have done a couple of Periscopes on Twitter, still getting the hang of it. If there are any family tree haunts I need to track down please let me know-love a good challenge.
      Please feel free to share the blog – it’s public and safe for all ages content.
      Vi snakkes, john


  3. John, I have met many of your extended family in Norway, from Levanger to Sondefjord. Many of our family were and are school teachers. I have a MA in Ed and taught in Junior High before being drafted years ago. Barbara and I live in St Louis Missouri area. I will try to give you some contacts and maybe a section of the family tree that applies to you.
    Terry Rom(und)stad


    1. sounds great, if they teach then maybe i can combine a school and personal visit


  4. Boy, you have snow now it looks like. Great pictures. I think we would all be better off if we spent more time outside but I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather.


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