The Sunday Nature Call, Uke 4: Trails and Impressions

The Sunday Nature Call, Uke 4: Trails and Impressions

Another late Nature Call. Well, I could come up with some lame excuses but I’d rather just own it. If only I was clever enough to come up with fascinating excuses…

New birds: zero

(Avian incognito)

Trails and Impressions

Man has not invented a better way to record the passage of a being than snow. As a medium of travel and impression collector, snow is unparalelled. But more than just a medium, snow is a thing unto itself. Snow is a destination, a means to a destination, a dream, and so much more.

Our skiing has been wonderful, I feel so lucky to have the access that Oslo residents have. Of course, no one “gave them” the forest, they fought for it. The trails did not appear by magic, they worked to make public access. The grooming machines don’t run on good feelings and dugnad vibrations, people pay.

Thank you.


I love a freshly groomed trail. In the low sun it can look like futuristic art. In the dark it’s a path that invites wonder and adventure. The trails have been balms for the long nights.

The Nordmarka trails gave me an unexpected gift, a sense of hope. I have been really hoping to see a Norwegian Moose, “Elg” in these parts. The moose have remained as elusive as the Northern Lights. But crossing the trail was the distinctive tracks of a deer. Yet the deer tracks in question were no bambi but the large and splayed impression of the king of the forest, Acles acles.


Bullwinkle had coursed from the forest on a pretty direct route to a pile of cut logs. No doubt looking for some easy and concentrated nibbling. The trackes winded around the pile and then off in a lazy pattern to a distant line of trees. Tracks makes me wonder, they conjure smiles.

Wishing you miles of trails and smiles of impression.


Looking up, looking ahead, and keeping my pencil sharp.

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  1. Norge – I am so glad you and the family are having this awesome experience!!! Enjoy it all 🙂


    1. glad u got the card, pretty incredible here 🙂


  2. Another beautifully written entry. And I enjoyed your Periscope yesterday as well. Perfectly paced 360 degree camerawork.

    In case you didn’t receive this note from me on January 13, I copy most of it here:

    I have only begun reading your blog, starting with the most recent, and I’m so impressed with your writing and observations of Norway and its culture.

    I’m your uncle Gary’s cousin, living out in California. You might know that Terry Romstad (CCd here) has been working on our family heritage. My sisters and I met Gary and Terry in Strum last March to help collect information. Recently, Gary, Terry, and I were having a conference call when your name came up, with all your Norwegian pursuits.

    I look forward to reading more about your stay in Norway, and I hope you broadcast a Periscope soon. I’m a big Periscope fan.

    If you don’t mind, I’ll share your blog with my branch of the family tree.

    Best wishes for keeping the magic alive in 2016,

    Nancy Sundquist


  3. You certainly have snow. I am glad you have always enjoyed winter as you are definitely somewhere this year that you can truly enjoy it.


  4. Skiing in serene conditions sounds like good medicine for body and soul


  5. NORGE!!!! I just got your postcard, caught up on your excellent blog, and wanted to say “hello.” Looks like you are having the adventure of a lifetime.


    1. more like adventure of several lifetimes, not done yet…and On Wisconsin!


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