The Sunday Nature Call, Uke 22: Frivannsliv

A brief entry for the week. I have been hosting company so my time for long narrative was unavailable. Not a strong excuse but that’s the one I’m going with.  A friend helped me with this week’s non-bird, tusen takk Andy.

New birds:0, Journey to date: 70

Kjempemessig Norske Rødnebb (Norske rubrumphalus rex)



Poetry for high sun and cold water; or, Frivannsliv



A haiku

What makes a Viking?

rain, cod, pines, sheep, fjords, and rye

Swim the cold water


A limerick

Strømsdammen so fresh so cold

From the shore, it’s easy to be bold

One foot, two foot, start to go numb

Then plunge right in, ain’t it fun

I went for a swim, you have been told




Looking up, looking ahead, and keeping my pencil sharp.


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